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Statement of Purpose

Why did I build a site around a Hebraic Roots of Messianic Faith theme?  That’s a very good question.

In 2005, I became aware of a number of facts.  I had been reading and studying the Scriptures for over ten years at that point and realized that:

a.) the Sabbath was most definitely supposed to be observed on Saturday and not Sunday.

b.) most, if not all, of the holidays the typical Christian Church recognizes and celebrates are pagan in their origin and

c.) the ten commandments had never been done away with.

My first inclination was to return to the Church and seek the answers to my questions there.  That course of action reaffirmed my belief that most, if not all of the religions of man are tainted.  I have since come to the realization that there are no exceptions to that perception and that ALL organized religions have been corrupted by man and all of them are much more concerned with protecting and observing their traditions of man than they are with following the instructions of The Creator.

The first priority of any religion I have studied is to set up an organizational structure and to make that organization self-supporting. The second priority is to protect that structure from any and all outsiders.  If there are any resources left over after those tasks are accomplished then the congregation or assembly can be tended to as long as their needs do not conflict with the organization or structure that has been established.

This realization caused me no small amount of turmoil as I struggled to draw closer to an all powerful Creator that I was becoming increasingly aware of while avoiding all the religious distractions and dogma I was confronting on a continual basis.  As my knowledge and faith deepened and strengthened, I developed a few very simple rules.

1.  I would seek the truth at all costs and no matter what the price or consequence.  This is what the Messiah commanded HIS followers to do.  Since I know that HE is a God of truth, I knew that if I sought the truth, I would find HIM there.

2.  The Scriptures as originally spoken and written were the true word of YHWH (God Almighty) and therefore I had to seek the original words and intent to the best of my ability.

3.  Any apparent contradiction in the Scripture is the result of either a poor translation or lack of understanding on my part.

The key of knowledge for me was when I discovered that our Heavenly father had a name and that it wasn’t God or LORD.  As I began to seek the Hebraic roots of my faith I began to learn about events like the Council of Nicaea and Rabbinical Judaism.  I learned how the Catholic Church had done to Christianity what the Rabbis had done to Judaism.

Today, I claim no denomination.  Our heavenly Father never gave us a religion.  What HE gave us was instructions for life.  Towards that end, I am striving to determine, what those instructions are and what I am supposed to be doing.  This web site is a sort or running documentary of my quest.  Hopefully, you will not find too much opinion here but rather Scriptural perspective.  I realize that I have much to learn and not much time left to accomplish all that I want.  Most, if not all the Scriptural topics presented here are based directly on the Scriptures as I currently understand them.  In many cases I have not reached a definitive conclusion so I merely present the evidence I have collected to date.

If you are seeking, as I am, I sincerely hope the information available on this site will be of use to you.  I can still recall how overwhelming it felt to be seeking the truth in a world filled with liars.  There are a good number of people still seeking the truth but by far we are in the minority.  I wish you all the best in your search for HIS will.

Shalom aleichem